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Air pollution is responsible for more than 6 million early deaths each year. Further illness and death comes from people’s needless exposure to harmful chemicals in food, personal care products and other consumer goods.

Children, the elderly, people with existing diseases, those who work at or live near chemical facilities, and communities of color and of low wealth are most vulnerable.


One billion people in some of what are now the world’s most polluted cities are breathing cleaner air by 2030. 

Human exposure to the highest-risk chemicals falls in priority regions by 2030, including a 30% drop from pre-pandemic levels in the U.S.


  • Lower infant mortality.
  • Higher life expectancy.
  • Fewer hospitalizations and ER visits due to cardiovascular and respiratory diseases.
  • Reduced exposure to chemicals leads to $200 billion in socioeconomic benefits.
The Work in Action

EDF pioneered efforts with Google, scientists and community leaders to measure pollution at the neighborhood level — a a level of detail never seen before.

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