Slow warming now by cutting methane pollution

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Methane emitted this year will warm the Earth more in the next decade than carbon dioxide emitted this year from burning fossil fuels. Cutting methane is the fastest, most efficient and most affordable way to slow warming now.


Cut global methane pollution 30% by 2030 from key sources: oil and gas, coal mines and livestock.


  • Fewer people suffer heat-related deaths.
  • Fewer people experience water stress.
  • The rate of near-term warming slows by ~15%, avoiding ~0.15°C (~0.3°F) of warming by 2050 and potentially 0.2°C (0.4°F) by 2100. 
The Work in Action

For a decade, EDF has led the fight on methane. EDF’s MethaneSAT will be the most advanced methane-tracking satellite in space. 

See EDF Climate Scientist Ilissa Ocko’s TED talk on why now is “the methane moment.”