Bolster nature’s own capacity to stabilize the climate

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Healthy forests, soils and oceans could deliver at least 20% of the emissions reductions and carbon removal needed to reach net-zero climate pollution globally (putting no more pollution into the atmosphere than is removed).


Carbon emitted from the destruction of natural ecosystems is reduced to near zero by 2030.


  • 350 million people living in forests, including 60 million Indigenous peoples, benefit from conservation and restoration efforts. 
  • Quality of life improves for the 500 million people who rely on oceans for their food and livelihoods.
  • The planet avoids ~0.13°C of warming by 2050 and ~0.4°C by 2100. 
The Work in Action

The LEAF Coalition has mobilized more than $1 billion to protect tropical forests. It builds on two decades of work by EDF, Indigenous communities, forest peoples and other partners.

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